Cooking a new project

I’m beginning with a new project: a cheap and easy hypsometer.

As I’m studying Forestry Engineering, I realised how important is the measurement of trees (and other elements) for a correct study of the environment. The problem is… Well… The object we want to measure can be not easy to reach or is too tall. With the hypsometers we solve that problem, as we use optical tools and geometric calculations to perform the measures. However, the hypsometers are very expesive tools, and that is a problem, especially for development countries.

My intention is to build an advanced digital hypsometer, but using the cheapest components. That means that I will develop both Arduino and Android versions, and I will compare time and resources used (time is gold).

If everything goes right, I will also add some functions to the Arduino version (for example, Bluetooth connection for using a smartphone/tablet to analyse or store the data).