Sharing files using Bluetooth in Linux Mint 15

logo bluetoothIf you try to share files using the Bluetooth of your device, and you are using Linux Mint 15, you will realize that something is not working… The reason is that one component is missing. To solve it:

If you are using Linux Mint Mate:

[codebox 1]

If you are using Linux Mint Cinnamon (I’m not pretty sure about this as I have not a Cinnamon desktop, but if it don’t work, you can try with the Gnome version):

[codebox 2]

If you are using Linux with Gnome:

[codebox 3]

Now you can do right click on the Bluetooth icon in your launcher panel (it is by the time and date), press on Receive files, and mark:

  • Share public files over Bluetooth
  • Require remote devices to bond with this computer
  • Receive files in Downloads folder over Bluetooth
  • Notify about received files

I don’t know why that package is not included by default in the installation but, well, it is easy to solve…