Shortcut for change keyboard layout

Do you use different layouts in your keyboard? Here is how to change the layout of the keyboard with a simply combination of keys, instead of clicking in the icon:

  1. Go to Keyboard preferences.
    Screenshot-Control Centre
  2. Add a new layout.
    Screenshot-Keyboard Preferences-1
  3. Press Options…
  4. Search Keys to change layout and mark your preferred combination (or combinations).
    Screenshot-Keyboard Layout Options
  5. Press Close.

That’s all.

Open with… Adobe Acrobat

Let’s face it. Linux is (almost) free. Linux is Open Source. But if a company have a product and don’t want to share their technology, we can:

a) Wait until somebody figures up how to replicate their technology or…

b) Install closed and proprietary software.

Sometimes we have no alternative and we must choose the b) option. This happens sometimes with the PDFs. The built-in PDF reader in almost all distros come with a more-than-decent compatibility and is really complete. However, some things like formulas are not going to be shown properly. The solution is as easy as installing the official Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Nevertheless, due to a little bug, under some distros like Linux Mint, if you try to open a file with Acrobat Reader using the [Right Click] > Open With you will discover that… Open with Acrobat Reader is missing!!!

To solve it we need to edit the desktop file using the terminal:

[codebox 1]

Then, we find the line beginning with Exec= and we edit it to be like this:

[codebox 2]

We save the file and… Tada! Now we can find Adobe Acrobat under the [Right Click] > Open With menu. You can even set Adobe Acrobat as the default program for the PDFs.


Adobe PDF icon