MTP support in Linux Mint / Ubuntu / Debian

If you have a new Android device with internal storage (like Nexus 4) and you try to copy data from/to your computer, you probably will realize that you are not able to access. This is because you have not a proper MTP support in your Linux machine.

Solving it is as easy as run this from terminal:

[codebox 1]

If you want to revert the changes:

[codebox 2]

Source: Webupd8

Basic addons for a Linux clean install

Install basic apps for a clean installation of Linux with a simple terminal command:

[codebox 1]

(For Debian / Ubuntu / Linux Mint and derivatives)

This is what you will install:

  • Ubuntu restricted extras
  • Ubuntu restricted addons
  • Essential tools for compiling (needed for installing some apps)
  • Skype
  • Chromium + language pack
  • Aptitude
  • Mediainfo (useful to query info from multimedia files)
  • Opensource JDK 7 (Java)